Tanker Chartering

Shipcom (Tankers) S.A., is a maritime services company delivering professional, reliable and personalized transportation services to global clientele.

Our services encompass chartering of all tanker vessel sizes in the spot market as well as arranging period charters, COAs and bare-boat charters.

Our diverse group is split up into specialist teams providing cover and focus for specific markets and commodities and allows for direct representation of our principals’ exclusive needs.


We are a full-service shipbroker firm focusing on the liquid chemicals and products market. Our team provides ship brokerage services within the tanker sector. Our main focus is orientated on the spot and contract ship markets as well as projects involving chemicals, edibles, and petroleum products.

Cpp / Dpp

Our clean petroleum products desk serves to provide efficient solutions for its clients. Clean products include naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline and diesel/gas oil. Our highly educated and specialized team serves Owners and Charterers for dedicated product carriers that ship clean petroleum products. The dirty petroleum products desk, specializes in the crude and fuel oil transportation covering a wide range of vessel sizes from small tankers to VLCCs.

Both desks handle spot chartering as well as COAs, time charters and bareboat chartering.

Our goal is to provide a high quality service worldwide, being able to cover the needs of our clients, owners and charterers.